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What Are Digital Marketing Buzzwords?

Content is very important if you talk about marketing as a part of a business’ marketing strategy, the content must be highly regarded.

Do you know why content takes a very large part in marketing, especially when talking about marketing through the use of internet. This is because if you are able to create and establish a very enticing and creative content, it will drive you sales. Sometimes you can create a buzzword. Well you might be wondering what the word ‘buzzword’ mean if by chance this is the first time you have heard it. According to Wikipedia, a buzzword is a word or phrase that becomes popular for a certain period of time.

Basically, what is meant by buzzword is that these are the words mostly used by the business when advertising on the internet.

If you are curious about the words that are overused in the internet today, or shall we say the ‘buzzwords’ then it will be great idea for you to read the whole article.

The first word we have for you is the word ‘Viral.’ Viral? How could this word be a good thing in the marketing. Have people gone crazy nowadays. If we talk about the word ‘viral outside the world of the internet, the the word would not a really sound good since it will only mean that viruses can be spreading now.

In the world of internet, the word viral does not entail any virus or diseases. However, it may include spreading, well spreading images, articles and videos.

The next buzzword would be ‘deep dive’. Well as crazy as it sounds, deep dive does not require any water at all. In the world of internet, it means that you are going deep into the details of the topic.

Do you remember the generation Y. Maybe you do, and maybe you have not heard of the term lately, this is basically because has been replaced with the word Millennials. Which means the same, although better.

Netflix and Chill. You must have heard of this so much. It has been going all over the internet for too long. This buzzword basically means that there is a love-making happening when you are over watching Netfix.

How do you like information presented in visual arts? It could be more effective right. This is what we call the infographic. This is widely used by marketers todays.

Though Leaders. Individuals who are smart and has influential views on certain topic can be considered as Thought Leaders.

The word Big data, a buzzword which derived from a data science is used by digital marketers in making decisions.

SoLoMo. SoLoMo is social media, local media and mobile app in one word. Just because no one has time to use all three terms in a sentence.

Buzzwords will come and go. However, some the words will stay, Such as viral.