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Maintaining a Golf Course’s Fairways When golf course fairways are maintained or mowed, it does not follow the regular patterns of moving once over all the parts. Mowing a fairway involves different complex and interesting ways which takes a bit of skill, planning, and a bit of time and practice to get it right. The most important part of a golf course is the fairway. It is very important that the fairway is always in its best condition and looking good. Aesthetic wise, here are some patterns for mowing a golf course fairways to make it look good. Mowing the fairway in a cross cut pattern is one of the most popular ways of doing it. Golfers love to play on a beautiful lawn with checkerboard looks. An effective and simple way of mowing the lawn is by doing a cross cut pattern.
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A cross cut pattern is easy to make with your mower. Moving across the width of the fairways, the mower moves in this single direction. Then he takes the mower to a direction perpendicular to the first one which is now across the length of the fairway. The checkerboard effect is achieved because when the mower passes over the blades of grass they bend in one direction, and then the others bend in another direction. It presents golfers with what seems to be light and dark turf. You get a beautiful, attractive turf when your fairways has a cross cut pattern. The downside to this is the wear that a constantly turning mower makes on the turf. Thus it is necessary for the person mowing the lawn to be extra careful that the turf not be damaged while he is moving to make that checkerboard effect.
The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Resources
The other aesthetically beautiful mowing pattern on the fairways turf is the lengthwise mowing pattern. The fairways will look longer with this light and dark stripes that goes from the green to the tea. This lengthwise pattern is easier to make than the cross cut one. The movement needed to make this effect is by simply moving from green to tee and back. This will create the stripes pathways in the grass. Some golfers are not comfortable with the lengthwise pattern. This pattern, they say, affect their game adversely. The reason for this is the resistance the grass makes with the ball when it is bent toward the tee, when it rolls down the coarse. Sometimes multiple mowers are used to trim the fairway and this is when no patterns are created on its surface. However, this is costly and time consuming. It is possible to still keep the blades of grass upright by moving the grass in the reverse on the next mowing schedule.